Novel Oblique Fin Technology

Oblique fins introduced in micro-/mini-channel heat sinks can dramatically enhance the cooling capability. This patent pending technology works by diverting a small fraction of fluid from one channel to the adjacent channel through the oblique apertures to create a re-entrance effect and enable better fluid mixing. Our high performance liquid cold plates make the most out of this unique technology.


Oblique fins scheme cools better than conventional micro-channel cooling solution


  • Simple and elegant fins design;
  • Lower temperature for better performance, stability and reliability;
  • Compact and highly effective cooling system;
  • Applicable to both liquid and air cooling solutions.


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More Effective Heat Transfer

  • GCoreLabs's oblique finned channel allows for better fluid mixing, result in a thinner thermal boundary layer.
  • The thinner the thermal boundary layer, the smaller the thermal resistance.
  • This in turn, results in a larger heat transfer coefficient, which means a more effective heat transfer.