XtremeChill S

XtremeChill™ S




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Our customizable high performance IGBT liquid-cold plates utilize our patented oblique fin technology to achieve superior cooling rates compared to standard pin or straight fin plates.

Incorporating GCoreLab’s proprietary oblique fin technology, which provides high thermal performance with no pressure drop penalties, and computational fluid dynamics optimized designs, the XtremeChill™ S allows you to bring out the best performance of your power modules. 

GCoreLab's XtremeChill™ S IGBT liquid cold plate series offers these advantages:

  • Specially sized for your application
  • Maximizes cooling in a very compact package
  • Enables custom hotspot cooling and maintains uniform module temperature


Hotspot mitigation

Our custom solution enables single or multiple hotspot mitigation so you can get the cooling where it's needed the most. Compared to conventional cooling solutions our oblique fin technology lowers the overall temperature. With the enhanced variabe fin pitch we can customize your cold plate to reduce temperature by 15°C or more at your hotspots. This can be achieved for both single or multiple hotspots.


Conventional straight fin gives the lowest performance




Oblique fin technology gives great performance.


Our custom solution gives the best performance targeting hotspots, lowering the temperature >15°C.



Mounting options

The XtremeChill™ S can be designed to fit the needs you have. We can produce cold plates in the size you want. For more information, please contact us.

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