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Our high performance IGBT liquid-cold plates utilize our patented oblique fin technology to achieve superior cooling rates compared to standard pin or straight fin plates.

Incorporating GCoreLab’s proprietary oblique fin technology, which provides high thermal performance with no pressure drop penalties, and computational fluid dynamics optimized designs, the XtremeChill™ allows you to bring out the best performance of your power modules. Pricing starts at USD $390 per piece, contact us for more information.

Mounting options

The XtremeChill™ is specially designed for one 162×122mm or two 62x122mm power modules. These include widely used power modules such as Semikron SEMiX® 33, Infineon EconoPACKTM, PowerEX Intellimod, Fuji Semiconductors M629 and many others. If you require other dimensions of cold plates or need hotspot mitigation we refer you to XtremeChill™ S.

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Performance Curves (Thermal Resistance and Pressure Drop)

The performance curves before were based on simulations using EGW 50-50 coolant.

Performance_Curve_for_IGBT-CP-1001.jpg*simulation results were validated with actual experimental results

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