IGBT Cold Plates



Our IGBT Cold Plate utilizes our patented oblique fin technology.This technology provides up to 100% increase in performance over current industry offerings using serpentine, pin or straight fin plates. Please check out or IGBT cold plates: XtremeChill™ offer standard size, high performing cooling. XtremeChill™ S offers a custom solution with hotspot mitigation. 

Better performance with more uniformity


The key to our superior performance is a disruptive technology that introduces a continuous interruption of the thermal boundary layer, which promotes an enhanced fluid mixture. As shown in the picture a lower and more uniformed temperature is achieved, which is enabled by our patented oblique fin design. 

Current industry solutions

serpentine.jpg straight.jpg pinfin.jpgNewseparatewithouthotsot.jpgNewseparate.jpg

    Serpentine                Straight channel             Pin fin                          Oblique fin                  Custom oblique fin



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