GCoreLab Consulting

Themal systems are affected by a large number of factors. It has to be serviced, it has to be managed effectively to get the most out of your technology. We can help with all these issues, and more.

GCoreLab's R&D team equipped to deliver powerful, thermal managament solutions required by high-performance businesses and governments. Our goal is to collaborate with clients to improve the performance and business impact of their technology.

GCoreLab Consulting is uniquely geared to bridge the gap between an organization's existing technolgy and its vision for higher performance. We have

  • A holistic approach.
  • Deep technical know-how.
  • Expertise in Simulated Fluid Dyamics.
  • Network of alliances with related technology vendors. 

Contact us now to discover the maximum potential of your technology!


Simulation of a Cylindrical Cold Jacket for Battery